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In Overcrowd: A Commute 'Em Up, staff are hired to carry out tasks in the metro system. They can have priorities set, scheduled breaks, or be deployed manually. Keeping the staff room well stocked can help to level up employees. Staff can be hired for money based on their staff level. The staff can use tools to complete tasks.

Staff Level[edit | edit source]

Staff applications showing skills and attributes

The staff level can be seen as a measure of how effective a particular staff member is. It is an average of the staff member's skills and attributes.

Attributes[edit | edit source]

Currently there are four attributes for staff, Strength, Speed, Stamina, and Perception. Each attribute has a value between 1 and 8.

  • Strength determines how many items your staff can carry, 1/8 would carry one, 3/8 would carry two, 5/8 would carry three, and 8/8 would carry four.
  • Speed determines how fast your staff walks, this is especially important when you have a large station, but not too important if your station is small.
  • Stamina determines how much time your staff need to "cooldown" their ability after performing a certain tasks before they move on to the next one. They would not move until their cooldown is complete, so you can micromanage them to the next destination as their cooldown bar progresses to save some time.
  • Perception determines how attentive your staffs are to their environment, basically it is the radius of perception. For example, you have a full trash bin in the other end of your platform, a low perception staff with the litter tool at the other end of the station might not notice it, so you might need to micromanage them to empty the bin.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Currently staffs have five skills. People (Cyan), Refuse (Orange), Medical (Green), Security (Red), and Repair (Purple). These skills represent how effective the staff member is at completing each tasks. Ensuring that you manage which staff use which tools is an important part of the game.

Tasks are things that your staff can do to keep your station a nice place (i.e. maintain a high reputation). Each task belongs to a skill category and requires a tool to complete. Each skill has a colour and the tool has the same colour as the skill it requires.

People[edit | edit source]

The people skill has a cyan logo and currently there are two tools associated with it; the megaphone and the assist tablet.

Ushering Passengers[edit | edit source]

Sometimes passengers can feel overcrowded if there are too many passengers in the same area. This is especially true in narrow parts of your station. A staff member with a megaphone can usher passengers to move passengers towards the platform. It gives each passenger within the staff member's radius a speed boost and allows multiple passengers to be on the same cell. As you gain more tech, you can use the P.A. to replace a staff member with a megaphone.

Assisting Lost Passengers[edit | edit source]

Passengers can get lost and don't know hot to get to their destination. A staff member with an assist tablet can help them find their way. A map can also help them find their way.

Refuse[edit | edit source]

The station needs to be kept clean and looking nice otherwise you will loose reputation. The refuse skill allows your staff members to keep your station in good condition. The refuse skill has an orange logo and there are 4 tools associated with it; the litter picker, the mop, the watering can and the rat prod.

Litter[edit | edit source]

A staff member with a litter picker will pick up bits of litter from around the station that would otherwise look unsightly. They also use the litter picker to empty bins into a wheelie bin in a utility room.

All of the tools in the game showing the different skills they correspond to
Spillages[edit | edit source]

Sometimes spillages will happen in your station, e.g. a commuter might vomit. The mop can be used after spillages to clean them up and make sure that other commuters do not slip and fall.

Flowers[edit | edit source]

If you have put flowers around your station, they will need to be watered to keep them alive. The watering can allows staff to water plants to restore their life force.

Pest Control[edit | edit source]

The rat prod can be used to kill any rats that enter your station to stop them scaring commuters.

Medical[edit | edit source]

Commuters might have several medical emergencies whilst inside your station. Your staff can treat these commuters who are unwell using the various medical tools. The medical skill has a green logo and there are 3 tools associated with it; the first aid kit, the defibrillator and the drip

First Aid[edit | edit source]

Commuters might enter your station feeling sick. If left untreated they will lower your reputation. A staff member with a first aid kit can help to heal the commuter. The first aid kit can also be used to treat people who have been knocked out (KO'd).

Heart Attack[edit | edit source]

Sometimes a commuter might have a 'heart attack' and require a defibrillator to restart their heart. This is important that it is dealt with quickly as seeing a body generates a lot of negative reputation.

Heatstroke[edit | edit source]

If your station becomes too warm, your commuters might start to get heatstroke. This can be treated with a staff member who has a drip equipped. You can also reduce the likely-hood of this happening by ensuring that your station is not too hot in the first place.

Security[edit | edit source]

Most of the commuters that enter your station are model citizens. They simply want to shop and board a train. However this is not the case for everyone entering the station. Some people might have illegal plans for the inside of your station. You can use the security skill to deal with these people. The security skill has a red logo and there are 2 tools associated with it; the crime desk and the taser.

Crimes[edit | edit source]

Sometimes a commuter might get angry and start attacking other commuters. Thieves may enter the station to prey on unsuspecting commuters. Finally vandals might enter the station to break parts of your station. Once a crime is witnessed by either a staff member or CCTV, a staff member with either the crime desk or the taser can arrest a criminal and send them out of the station.

Repair[edit | edit source]

The repair skill is all about keeping your station up and running. The repair skill has a magenta logo and there are 2 tools associated with it; the jerry can and the repair kit

Staff Needs[edit | edit source]

The staff file screen showing the skills, attributes, staff experience and their current state

Staff have needs, the current needs are Health, Despair, Tiredness, Hunger and Thirst. You can manage these needs by building a staff room and placing the required amenities. For certain needs, different amenities can meet different needs by different amounts, e.g. an arcade machine is better than an uncomfy chair. All of the amenities require procurement.

  • Health deteriorates if a staff member is very thirsty, hungry, tired or are hit by a commuter. If this reaches 0% they will die. A medicine cabinet allows a staff member to heal and increase their health status.
  • Despair deteriorates if a staff member is very thirsty, hungry, tired or when they fumble attempting to complete a task. A TV set, uncomfy chair, sofa or an arcade machine can improve their happiness, thus reducing their despair.
  • Tiredness increases over time and when it gets high, they loose strength and stamina. Staff can rest in the staff room using an TV set, uncomfy chair, sofa or an arcade machine to reduce their tiredness.
  • Hunger increases over time and when it gets high, they loose strength and stamina. Staff can eat food in the staff room using the staff vending machine.
  • Thirst increases over time and when it gets high, they loose speed and stamina. Staff can drink in the staff room using the water cooler or the tea station.

Staff can be set to have breaks at set times using the staff management tab or to automatically take breaks to meet their needs .